Hello and thanks for stopping by.

If you just want the executive summary: I am an experienced designer with a background creating both environments and graphics. Beyond that...

My career has included work with diverse clients in the private and public sectors, including the corporate, civic, healthcare, and educational fields among others.

I feel fortunate to regularly work on projects of different scale -- from micro-adjusting logos to designing spaces that function and feel just right. The change in perspective from project to project always seems to reveal something new.

Regardless of the size of the design challenge, though, my approach remains the same: to work in a collaborative and thoughtful way, listening to the needs of my client to develop creative solutions they love.

(Little) known facts.

I have a sporadically updated blog.

I am a graduate of Cornell University's Design and Environmental Analysis program, with a Masters degree in Public Relations and Marketing from the University of Denver.

I am currently based in historic Alexandria, Virginia. And, despite being a native of Colorado, I am unabashedly ignorant about downhill skiing.